Monday, March 19, 2012

Botox and Juvederm in Greenwich Office. Dr Gamble.

I am very excited to let everyone know that Doctor Sarah Gamble will be joining practices with us. She will bring her aesthetic medicine specialty as well as her skills with plant based nutrition. Now you will be able to receive Juvederm, Botox, Radiesse and other treatments in our practices in Greenwich CT!

Yes, now not only weight loss, but also aesthetic medicine in our Greenwich Offices! 115 East Putnam Greenwich CT.


  1. Botox and juvederm can work great together because the first one it's designed to treat dynamic wrinkles and juvederm treats static wrinkles.
    When I went for my first botox Toronto treatment the physician suggested me to add some Juvederm because it will help botox do its job. He was right and I left the clinic very happy with the result even if it's full power needs a few days to become visible:)

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