Saturday, March 31, 2012

60 Minutes about to Blast the Sugar Industry! I am excited.

It appears that what the American Society of Bariatric Physicians has been saying is finally getting some press.

Tomorrow night 60 Minutes will be covering the risks of sugar in the diet. This year in Circulation, a key journal for heart doctors and weight loss doctors like myself, it was proven that sugar sweetened beverages increase risk of heart disease and risk markers.

In fact, your cholesterol, your levels of inflammation, your weight all go up with sugar sweetened beverages.

It was just 7 months ago when I lost nearly 30 pounds by burning fat first and knowing what's in my tank. But the most important thing I did was to research and train in bariatric medicine. What is crystal clear according to food researchers and my education is this.

Fat is not the enemy, Sugar is the enemy.

Now the media is covering it. You see, the real enemy is Insulin a hormone produced normally in little amounts at baseline. The real problem is when we cause our bodies to secrete large amounts of insulin. Insulin elevation has also been linked to inflammation, elevated fat in our blood stream and fat in our livers.

Worse than that is the fact that Insulin prevents your body from ever burning fat as an energy source. Insulin suppreses a chemical reaction called lipolysis. Lipolysis is responsible for burning fat as an energy source. This prevention leads to a significant craving of carbohydrates to fuel the human machine.

Sugar in small amounts is ok. Sugar added to Skim Milk? That's not ok and the industry needs to stop doing it. Immediately. For the love of the kids and the adults with obesity, heart disease and cancer everywhere!

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