Monday, April 16, 2012

K-E Diet. Here comes the bride, with a feeding tube

I have thought that I have heard everything regarding weight loss. But, simply, I am blown away by the level of desperation in these poor brides.

What are wives-to-be doing to lose weight before the big day? They are getting feeding tubes inserted in their noses and sent to their stomachs. These tubes are used to deliver food via a pump which is kept in their handbag.

The pressure to lose weight prior to a wedding has driven many people to a diet plan which has been around in Europe for some time. This diet is called the K E diet. It is offered by a physician in Florida and I wonder if many more will follow.

What are the risks of a very low calorie diet. Simple.

1. Dehydration-starting a low calorie diet requires enough water to offset the increased urination
2. Electrolyte abnormalities-If the tube feed does not meet those requirements, you can get a problem with the chemicals in your blood stream which can cause a host of other problems
3. Feeding tubes over longer than 4 days can increase your risk of infection in your sinus cavities
4. Nausea, stomach upset, acid reflux of stomach.

Why try this diet? Supposedly according to the physician doing this in Florida, it is more successful at suppressing hunger than regular eating due to continuous feeding.

I would like to see a head to head trial on this because, I don't see how very low calorie diets would differ that much in orexigenic properties.

In a nutshell, I would avoid this diet and instead save the 1500 USD for a proven medical weight loss program. Our program costs WAY Less than 1500 USD and can help you lose this much weight loss and even more.

Photo Courtesy: ABC News

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